Victor Chen

Based @ Toronto

Hello There!

I have 8 years of work experience in User experience design and 8 years of work experience in Software engineering (Android, React, NodeJs, etc) for multiple different companies from different industries.

I'm an advocate of User Center Design. My design process includes end-to-end product design activities. I will conduct user interviews and shadow the user to emphasize the users' pain points. I will create personas and journey maps to identify the top problem statement the team should focus on. I will host ideation sessions to explore all possible ideas with the whole product and engineering team. I will create LoFi or HiFi prototype based on the converged ideas to get alignment with the team. And I will conduct usability testings or run A/B testing with the real user to validate the designs or hypotheses we had.

My design philosophy is rational, consistent and agile. Rational means all the designs that I created are based on certain reasons, either from user testing or widely accepted design principle and patterns. Consistency means I will use design system and well-defined design principles across the whole design life cycle, which will reduce engineering effort and handoff time. Agile means I will perform design ideation, a feasibility check, wireframe, prototyping, quick validation within each development cycle.

Feel free to reach out to me, I'm happy to chat with you!

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